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There are countless ways you can assist and Volunteer at Victory Starts Now. Our mission to help people reintegrate back into society is one filled with many micro tasks that need to be achieved to fufill that end. Here are just a sampling of opportunities for you to choose from:


  • Teach a Class

    • Computer Literacy

    • Basic Financial Literacy

    • Resume Building

    • GED Tutoring

  • Facilitate a Group

    • Anger Management

    • Addiction Support Group

    • Book Club

    • Poetry Club

    • Painting Group

    • Workout Group

  • House Manger

  • Cook


Victory Starts Now needs your help to constantly exceed the status quo of treatment and assistance that our underprivilged population is accustomed to receiving. We want our members to feel respected, appreciated and to know what a positive & clean environment feels like. Donations of money and materials are always appreciated. Here are a sampling of some of things we are in need of  to achive those aims:


  • Food

  • Furniture

  • Computers

  • Tools

  • Twin Bed Frames

  • Box Frames

  • Recreational Equipment

We appreciate your interest in Victroy Starts Now.


To donate your Time or Supplies CONTACT US TODAY.


To make a tax deductible cash contribution please click here.

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