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"Be a part of  a  Healthy Environment"

SOBER LIVING in South Los Angeles

VSN is dedicated to not only providing affordable housing but also services and programs that will address problem areas in our residents lives. All residents that need help with sobriety will be assigned to our in house Drug Relapse Prevention Program and Mental Health Counseling services or referred to an appropriate service/agency.

VSN Housing is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our members to begin a life free from alcohol and drugs.  VSN is a theraputic community which provides structure, accountability and support.  


Our members are given responsibilities within the household, which aid in the transition to leading a productive life.  Our amenities include computer and Internet access to assist members in finding employment, transportation, onsite drug prevention programs and counseling.

Our members are required to be active in a program of recovery and progress is monitored while living at VSN.  We strive to make VSN a great place to begin the road to recovery.


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