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Theory behind our Recovery Residences

VSN is a theraputic community which provides structure, accountability and support.  Our members are given responsibilities within the household, which aid in the transition to leading a productive life. 
Therapeutic Community programs reflect a view of the drug abuse client as having a social deficit and requiring social treatment. This social treatment may be characterized as an organized effort to re-socialize the client, with the community acting as an agent of personal change.
In line with the idea of “community as method”, we hold the position that addiction is caused and affected by a number of influences, including the individual’s biological and psychological make up as well as social factors (interpersonal relationships, family,etc.), and environmental factors ranging from community to culture.

We believe that working at one level alone, psychological (psychotherapy) or biological (medication) is minimally effective, particularly as addiction severity increases.

At VSN we understand that we play a crucial role in our client’s treatment, even though we are not the one’s providing direct programs and therapy.




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