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VSN additional COVID-19 Protocols

We are sure that everyone has seen the seriousness of the COVID-19. At VSN we have been meeting to implement a few changes that will help protect our members and staff during this time. The following changes will be going into place immediately:

◦Until further notice, ALL MEMBERS across ALL sites will be on lock down program. This means no passes into the community.

◦Case management appointments will be limited to critical needs only

(i.e. labs for medication refills, critical doctor appointments, turning on medical, court). There will be no appointments to the DMV or any other county building unless exigencies exist.

◦We will need to run more programming and activity for our members to keep them from getting stir crazy. IMs this is your time to shine. Come to work with ideas and plans to keep your members entertained. Let us know what supplies you may need and maybe we may be able to get them but don’t let the absence of supplies stop your imagination

◦Members may want to AWOL more: please  constantly educate them on the dangers of violating the SHELTER IN PLACE order, their court requirements, and on the seriousness of the Corona Virus .

◦Please meet with your members daily to help them understand the safety precautions needed to keep them and staff safe .

◦Go over what the Corona Virus is

◦Go over best practices for preventing the transmission and spread of corona virus

◦Go over proper hand washing techniques

◦If someone is exhibiting any concerning symptoms, we will make every attempt to isolate them in the house by moving them to a free room and isolating them from everyone else

◦Staff members wash your hands constantly and avoid touching your face, not just at work but everywhere.

◦Report coughing members on line app and to the nurses

◦Identify clients who could be at high risk for complications

◦Only send people to the hospital for shortness of breath

◦We will have professional cleaning crews coming weekly to clean all the facilities. This is in addition to the cleaning members and staff do, not INSTEAD of.

◦Everyone coming on site will need to have their temperature taken before they can enter a site. A temperature of 100.4 will prohibit entry to any of our facilities

◦No visitors until further notice.

◦Staff must wear their masks at all times while on site.

We understand how extreme these measures may seem, but they are absolutely necessary to keep staff and members safe during this time. We believe by working together we can do our part to beat COVID19.

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