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All About VSN

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

  Victory Starts Now (VSN) is focused on healing the community by assisting PEOPLE with housing and resources. Our aim is to transition individuals into a state of self-sufficiency and positivity.
Today we are creating interim housing sites that offer drug counseling, individual therapy, and life skills training so that PEOPLE can get the skills they need to become productive members of society again. 

The population we work with currently includes:

  • Men

  • Women

  • Veterans


Our mission 
is to help PEOPLE re-enter society as responsible, self-sufficient, productive members of society.
Our Goal is to provide an increasingly high level of services including but not limited to :

  • Clinical Services

  • Outreach

  • Prevention

  • Residential

  • Therapy

  • Counseling

  • Education/Training

Board of Directors
It’s pretty amazing the things we can accomplish when we come together and apply our unique talents and skills as a team. That’s what gives companies their competitive advantage and how companies succeed. That’s the power of teams and teamwork. Here at Victory Starts Now we have so many layers of uniquely talented people that pool their resources and knowledge base to give us the leverage we need to offer exceedingly great service.

Viktoriya Stinson President

Viktoriya Stinson is a Juris Doctor who has dedicated countless hours to public service. She is known for going above and beyond for each member of the VSN community. She considers herself a vigilant protector of the most vulnerable, and dedicates all of her time to serving this population. 

Dr. Donald Stokes Dircetor of Drug and Alcohol Policy

Dr. Donald Stokes resides over our Drug and Alcohol policy and procedures. He is instrumental in teaching staff about Harm Reduction and the best way to support our members wherever they may be in their road of recovery. 

Dr. Cynthia Davis Director of Mental Health & Therapeutic Services

Dr. Cynthia Davis is a mental health professional with years experience in the mental health field. Her experience has been invaluable in forming the organization's therapeutic lens and culture.

Kasey Lee Director of Finance

Kasey Lee is an Accountant based in Pasadena, California . Assisting over 400 clients a year with their personal and corporate tax returns, Kasey Lee's  knowledge of the Internal Revenue Tax Code is always at use. He teaches both staff and members financial literacy.

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