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Staff Message: VSN COVID-19 Compensation & Update

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Attention all staff: WE, Victory Starts Now, DO NOT have confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Unity House or any VSN facility. We are a professional organization who takes the protection of our staff and members VERY seriously. We have been sending staff home who are just suffering from allergies because we care so much about everyone feeling safe at work. Please do not gossip unnecessarily or spread hysteria amongst each other by stating we have confirmed cases. We care about your health and have an entire protocol of how we would deal with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases.


Please report to work if you are feeling well. We will be offering a $2 an hour increase in your pay from the 3/26/20 until the end of the lockdown.

To qualify for the temporary increase you have to:

-work your scheduled shift and not call off from now until April 30th

-Refrain from any egregious acts or employee violations

-understand the amount will be paid in a lump sum on you 5/17/20 paycheck

-Please do not come to work if you’re sick. We will send you home if your showing any concerning symptoms.


Be proud of the organization you work for! We have grown as quickly as we have because of the amazing staff that we have. In this moment of turmoil let’s come together and be a light to our members and each other. You are on the frontlines of this historical fight keeping the underprivileged and underserved safe.

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