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Repairing damage done by the justice system.

For over 10 years, Victory Starts Now (VSN) has been and is still dedicated to
healing and enriching our community by providing crucial housing and
comprehensive support to PEOPLE.

We focus on the transition of Justice-Impacted individuals to self-sufficiency
and positivity. Today, our services, including interim housing, drug
counseling, individual therapy, and life skills training, equip Justice-Impacted
PEOPLE with the necessary skills to reintegrate as productive members of
society again.


Ways you can make a difference.

Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of the homeless in Los Angeles. Whether through volunteering your time, donating resources, or spreading awareness, your involvement helps us create lasting change.


Join us in making a difference in the
lives of LA’s homeless community.
From serving meals at our shelters
to contribute your skills and
passion on a larger scale, every act
of kindness counts.


By donating to our LA-based
nonprofit dedicated to supporting
the homeless, you’re providing
essential resources that enable us to
provide meals, shelter, medical care,
and vital assistance programs.


There are numerous opportunities
for dedicated professionals to lend
their skills and expertise, such as
Case Managers, Outreach
Coordinators, and Social Workers.
Join us and be a part of the solution.



Empowering Justice-Impacted PEOPLE to re-enter society.

We want individuals to be responsible, self-sufficient, and productive members of society. To support this transition, we aim to provide a broad spectrum of services that include, but are not limited to, Clinical Services, Therapeutic Services, Outreach Programs, Counseling, Prevention Initiatives, Educational Opportunities, Residential Accommodations, and Training Opportunities.

  • Clinical Services

  • Therapeutic Services

  • Outreach Programs

  • Counseling

  • Prevention Initiatives

  • Educational Opportunities

  • Residential Accommodations

  • Training Opportunities


Individuals and Families.

Mental Health Diversion

Clinical and Counseling services.

Re-Entry Services

Educational & Training Programs.

Community Healing

Outreach and Ongoing care.

What Change Looks Like


Years Of Expierience


Compassionate Volunteers


Local Offices


Lives Helped

Join Us At Victory Starts Now

We understand the damage that the justice system causes not just to those involved, but their community as well. Join us on the journey to heal the most vulnerable and lets turn compassion into action!

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Join Our Cause

At Victory Starts Now, we thrive on the power of collaboration to propel our mission forward. Explore the many ways you can make a real impact with us. From donations and volunteering to raising awareness, your support is the cornerstone of our work.

Join us in making a difference in thelives of LA’s homeless community

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